~ Originals by LE, Polymer Clay Art Creations by Leigh Allan, since 1975 ~

SERIOUSLY FUN ~ polymer Clay Art that tells a fairytale or two. Peek into a magic woods here.

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HANDMADE ~ Whimsical treasures sculpted by hand from polymer clay. The models are fired in many stages, handpainted and glazed. Storybook characters (my stories and theirs), take the form of miniature figures, wearable jewellery and dolls. This art is so unique you will not find it made by anyone else on the planet.

All art signed and dated. Available to buy now where indicated.All can be made again.

ANIMATED ~ During the modeling process some figures are fashioned to include a moving part, such as an arm lifting a tea cup to the lips, as you will see below and all over this website. An Originals by LE trademark!

WEARABLE ~ the wearble art has the clay figure strung on handpainted beads that alternate with variable sized beads of glass, wood, metal, paper, etc, and colorful seed beads. Also are brooches, earrings, ear cuffs and bracelets.

COLLECTED WORLDWIDE ~ Since 1975 Originals by LE artwork has sold in pretigious galleries and boutiques around the world. Many collectors have several pieces. Today it can be purchased here.

vintage photo of gypsy rabbit pouring tea, Originals by LEOLD PHOTOS ~ Throughout this website you will encounter art from long past and not so long ago. Many photos are vintage quailty - a little fuzzy, a little faded - but their subjects were good.

TREASURED ~ Somewhere in the world - on a glass shelf, inside an oak cabinet, or perhaps buried in a treasure chest - this artwork resides with owners who desire truly unique art.

SPECIAL OFFERS ~ There are items for SALE on the site, where indicated.

CUSTOM ORDERS ~ Everything can be made again. Custom orders always welcome. Please get in touch if you see something that takes your fancy or if there's a a piece you'd like special. Almost anything you can dream up I can design and create for you.

ENJOY ~ taking a look around.

Now journey below and beyond....


There are many handmade treasures *on this sight for Sale so please do have a look around.
Due to other commitments I've had them packed away for a few years and haven't marketed them at all so here's a chance to own something entirely handmade and unique.
I've sold hundreds of these hand sculpted pieces to collectors for much higher prices than offered on this site. So if you see a piece you like, email me at leighx@yahoo.com.
I can accept PayPal sent to that same email address. It's easy.

*I hope to create a quick list right here of all the items for sale, but in the meantime you can go to the ebay page and follow those links.
Thank you

Originals by Le



For Sale
Bunnies in Clay
Handmade, one-of-a-kind

Bunnies in clay - handmade

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Unicorn by Leigh
click image

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moveable Gypsy Rabbit Christmas ornament. She is also a necklace on beads - Click to see more
click image

Kitty sipping tea on Hare back by Leigh

Lola kitty


Baby Animals go see
Baby animals ~ click image


Masquerade bunny on horse, on and off with mask


The Phantom of the Opera Doll by Leigh
Phantom site

do you believe in fairies?

Humpty sipping tea on Mr Bluebird necklace, by Leigh
click image

Spooky and loveable Ravensbreath Ghost Dolls by Leigh. They will haunt you forever.
Ravensbreath click image

Evangeline clay sculpture horse necklace by Leigh Allan
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Lady with fan on horseback

Jumping Jill rabbit

Humpty sips tea on cow back

Whimsical pins, from cats to Alice in Wonderland by Leigh
click image

Whimsical and crazy earrings by Leigh
click image

Your favorite pet immortalised, by Leigh
click image

Hula Girl Earrings-Originals by LE
click image

Santa on Ostrich, polymer clay OOAK by Leigh
click image

Cow, polymer clay OOAK by leigh
click image

Masquerade bunny on horseback with removable mask. Polymer clay necklace or figurine
click image

clay Puppeteer on Tiger by Leigh Allan

Originals by LE Whimsical Clay Art by Leigh
click pic for close-up

There's so much more to show and will be added in time

~ Pleasant dreams ~


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